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An open letter to Kevin Spacey and other talanted​ perpetrators

Dear sexual abuser,
You are scum. Talented scum. Still scum, though.

It saddens me to see your name amongst other predators; it saddens me that now your work, your talent and all good you’ve created is tainted by your foul actions. My heart hurts for those you’ve abused, for the pain they endured while you swam in a sea of glory.

Kevin Spacey.

I remember the first time I saw one of your films years later after it was released. American Beauty. I was a hormonal teenager, for the first time struck by someone I was seeing on my TV screen and not being attracted to them physically. I admired you and your talent, without imagining one-day meeting you or you falling madly in love with me.

I loved your confidence and charm. I spent weeks watching and then re-watching some of your greatest films. I even admired that you shied away from sharing too much about your private life. I wish then I had known that abusing teenage boys was your pass time. It would have been easier to not fall in love with your work. Selfish parts of me now hate that I can’t re-watch s7ven and appreciate your brilliant performance. It feels dirty to pay you a compliment.

I’m even more saddened that you tried to excuse your actions by using your sexuality as a justification. That was a shitty move. Gay men already face so much prejudice, and you and your PR team just perpetrated that. Be a fucking man. Drop the “I was drunk”, “I don’t remember” crap and own your mistakes. Spend the rest of your life making up for it. Maybe then I’ll be able to call you my favourite actor, without having to explain that it’s only due to your talent and that really as a human being I despise you.

Louis C.K.

You’re a dick. You did, however, handle this by the book – you apologised and admitted your fault. That doesn’t excuse or change the fact that now re-watching every past set of yours I’ve loved, I overanalyse every joke you’ve made to see if there were signs, signs that could have prevented hurting at least five women.

Your comeback. What a joke. Every cheer, every second of applause feels dirty like commanding to you that what you’ve done is okay. Good on you, Louis, for being a sexual predator. No.

I believe it’s relevant, what many comedians have brought up – what’s said on stage is not be taken offensively. Mocking a school shooting survivor after a sexual abuse allegation is low even for you.

What a shame ’cause you were one funny bastard.

Ed Westwick.

God. Four women. Four innocent women.

I grew up watching you on Gossip Girl, fantasising about my own Chuck Bass, swooning over the complex love storyline. Insufficient evidence. That simple, huh?

Not even your English accent will save you this time.

Terry Richardson.

Growing up, discovering my sexuality and finding beauty in explicit imagery, you were the shining beacon I craved. Your talent inspired me to push artistic boundaries, explore new avenues and redefine beauty.

Your work is iconic, unfortunately. There is nothing artistic or consensual about pushing your semi-hard penis into a model’s mouth during a time that should be a photoshoot. To hell with your creative vision.

In the bin you all go.

What’s worse about all this, is I can’t name a single victims name. I know they’re out there, trying to move past the trauma.

And you, scum, are living off your royalties, making comebacks and denying everything. After all, Kevin, your ‘funny’ cap saying ‘retired since 2017’ is all response we need at these times.

Disgusting. Talented. Still disgusting. It’s sad. I’m sad for the people hurt, sad for the talent that’s lost.

Yours sincerely,
Everyone who’s ever loved your work and now feel guilty for it.

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