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The 58 magazine was born on an average rainy Wednesday. It was like any other Wednesday in the UK winter – cold and gloomy. Rubbish weather perusal.

Still, an idea was thought of, and then and there our journey began.

We are an independent boutique publisher celebrating strong opinions and gifted writers. We’re here to speak our minds unapologetically.


The 58 wouldn’t have been possible without our contributors. Every single person that has written for the 58 is an essential voice whether they’ve contributed regularly or just once!

We’re always on a lookout for new voices. If you’d like to write for the 58, drop a line to the editor.


Thomas Sleightholm


20-year-old writer, level designer and military history fan. Doesn’t really understand what he’s doing, but it seems to be working so far, and he’s not died yet so it’s all fine.

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Harry J. Ford


Writer, part-time filmmaker and full-time cinephile based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. All work and no play makes Harry a dull boy.

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Faith Richardson


26-year-old Newcastle-based freelance writer, overbearing cat mother and small dog connoisseur. I like to give the kind of advice you'd get from both a big sister and a girl in a club bathroom at 2AM.

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An avid potato enthusiast. Whale lover. Giant panda video addict. Compulsive dog tweet re-tweeter.

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